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I have been commenting on a bunch of these already...



So rules!

1. Depending on how these comments go, I might do actually 15 because I have been commenting on way too many of these things and I need to learn how to calm down and not do that.

2. You have to make a journal similar to this with the person who tagged you (aka yours truly)

3. And.. that's it really...

4. Though you don't have to make a journal like this but if you want to if you wish but with that..


 1. :icontyler-of-the-oaks:

  Shoulder Rides by Tyler-of-the-OaksHuman - Art Trade by Tyler-of-the-Oaks
I Can't Decide by Tyler-of-the-Oaks

Okay gonna say this now...Tyler.. you should really post more art. Cause your art is a sight to behold and everyone just.. just watch him... you know because he's really good at art. So first of all, I really enjoy the style he has, not sure how to describe though but it has this cartoon but also this action feel to it as well? Anyway..  He can give people the most expressive of emotions and gestures and it works really well. I also really liked of he does action poses and other stuff like that because the anatomy works out well and it comes out really great in the end especially in those pieces that involves perspective which he has a WAY better grasp at it then I am. But anyway, keep on drawing Tyler! 8D

2. :iconcatmaniac8x:

GG Ch7 Pg 32 by Catmaniac8x FD- I can do this by myself by Catmaniac8x That's one crazy aura by Catmaniac8x

 This person. This lovely person who loves cats and ghosts ... the amount of dedication she has is just.. WOW. Like she seriously pumps out so much work and ideas so fast that it's amazing. She puts so much time, love, and effort to each idea she has and I can see that improvement happening since I read Ghost Guardian awhile ago from the start and all I can think of is she has come a LOONG way. Not only is she working on Ghost Guardian but she's also working on another webcomic called Fighting Dreamers which everyone go read them both webcomics because of the characters are all likeable and gosh dang she knows how to make a story and make people wanna keep reading because I certainly will! But anyway, aside from that, I really enjoy her art style because gosh dang all that movement, those facial expressions, and all my gosh all those glowing effects are just wonderful! Keep working as you always been doing Manny! ^^ b

 3. :iconeyesofviolet13:

  Commission: Lowri by eyesofviolet13 When They Dance by eyesofviolet13 Wartotem Vs Fate by eyesofviolet13

    Girl, your art is really really really clean. Like holy smokes, you need to teach me how to do that. Like those lines are just really clean and clearly she is the master at whatever art program you use. And wow... the way she color is just wowzers... really beautiful. Especially when she do lighting and shading cause that really helps make your art really really pop out and I really enjoy that when you do that!  And I really do enjoy your Ask Violet comic and I really need to catch up on that because it really has captured my interest (pssst everyone else should read it as well.. just saying.. you can visit her page and go from there~ ). Also I heard she's doing commissions, so you guys can actually.. swing by over there and maybe you can get really pretty art like this.  83
No seriously, her art is great everyone, 10/10. Would look at again. X'D

4. :icon0skykat0:

Gift - Moka by 0SkyKat0 Purples and Reds and Pinks by 0SkyKat0 ToB - Teaser by 0SkyKat0

HEY THERE. WOW. YOU REALLY FREAKING IMPROVED. SKY. I'M REALLY FRICKING PROUD OF YOU. LIKE THAT IS A REALLY BIG JUMP FROM SANCTUM TO NOW. AND THAT WAS LIKE OVER A YEAR AGO?!? -ahem- But seriously. Sky, your art has becoming greater and greater every time you post something new. You really did a big hop of improvement from just that period of time. Anyway, so her art! Holy mollers, the coloring, is just really gorgeous and it just looks really pretty to look at. Especially that lighting and shading which I think you stepped up game on immensely! Also she did a bit of animation too and I hope she keeps on going with that and keeps on going and make the equivalent of movie films or something along those lines. X'D And I think she might actually start a webcomic about robots! And robots are just really cool k? K.

 5. :iconsarahthecat:

-KIDSFIGHT- Ruby Halloween'14 by sarahthecat  Secretsanta2013 For Mags by sarahthecat  -Arttrade- Corey for Nyaph by sarahthecat

  Okay so Sarah... is really really really good. In both Digital Art and Traditional Art. She won Sanctum against all odds and god dang was that quite the ride through all those rounds. Each round filled with just great everything (and Sarah if you tell me otherwise I will pap you because you're really great shh you). Her characters are all likeable and have this 3 dimensional feeling to them. She can tell a really good story and make each page count and just as great as the last. The poses she makes are great and doing action and dynamic poses are also really great as well. Her coloring is just amazing and seriously guys just watch her cause she really deserves it. Give her all the love and support.

6. :iconhelios485:

A gift from the Monster Deity by helios485 Halloween Darkmode Yorreck by helios485 Web-Link (redone) by helios485

Alright dude, I see you have been improving. You're getting there and if you keep going, you're gonna go far man. Just keep going man. Just keep on practicing and keep on drawing like you always been doing! ^^7 (Cause seriously you're not alone about trying to improve). I really like the fact you have made so many designs for all character you have when I explored through your gallery and how much you pass to step beyond than that basic humanoid shape. So I really have to applaud on you for that since you have been pushing them boundaries! And then next thing you know, you're going to make the equivalent of the Shadow of the Colossus or something like that... Idk.. X'D

 7. :iconpridealchemist7:

.: I mIgHt JuSt DiSsPpEaR.. - Mystery Skulls  :. by PrideAlchemist7 .: 24 years and going Strong :. by PrideAlchemist7  .: Flaming Beast of Death :. by PrideAlchemist7


ALRIGHT GUYS. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ARTIST IN PARTICULAR. So basically, this person, this lovely person whose really a good artist, (that I probably have mentioned before but if some of you guys are new and haven't dived into deep into my page well you're gonna hear it and anyone who was here.. you're gonna hear it again), is my inspiration. She is my art idol and she is a really nice and good friend . If I haven't stumbled upon her gallery, I wouldn't have feel this surge to keep on trying to do what I was doing. Because I had this feeling that deep down, that one day I'm going to be good just like this artist here. Not quite sure if I'm there yet but I feel like I got better than I started 2-3 years ago. That's how great her art is, it inspires people or it inspired me at least and that's a big thing of what art can do. The way she colors is completely out of this world. The amount of time and the littlest of details is just wowzers and I can tell she puts her heart and her soul into each piece she makes. The characters are all just really adorable and all creative that range from fuzzy wizards to the actual reincarnations of the seasons. Like guys, her art is just color and eye-catching, really has the whimsical and child-like charm, and all and all just really beautiful.

 8. :icondax812:

Sanctum Round 1: Part One by dax812 Sanctum Round 2: Part Two by dax812 Walking City OCT - Part 0 Scene 1 by dax812

Okay so.. this guy animates.. and when he animates.. each video is a treasure that should be shared by everyone. The voice acting are just a joy to listen to and they suit each character wonderfully and very well. The music is fitting and you might recognize a few music tracks or two. And the dialogue flows really well and Dax knows how to make people laugh and he knows how to gut us with feels because that first bit for Walking City Audition... wow.. that was quite the turn and he did that really well (that's kinda why I picked it as one of my deviations on here.. ^^;)  And must I say, Dax is getting better than the Switch OCT days and I know he's gonna keep getting better.

9. :icontheatomicpumpkin:

 another one bites the dust B] by TheAtomicPumpkin CurieSprite by TheAtomicPumpkin OFF by TheAtomicPumpkin

WELL HELLO CUTIE ART STYLE MADE BY CUTE PERSON. Didn't expect to see you there! Thanks for stopping by! ^^ But yeah, lovely pumpkin has a really cute art style and overall looks really lovely. UvU I haven't seen many traditional pieces from her but from the ones I have seen while diving into her gallery are just as amazing as the ones she makes in the digital art style. I also really like the way she makes scenery and landscapes (*looking at Walking City OCT audition*) since that's a thing I have the tendency to struggle so.. I have bit of the inspiration to try those in some point in the future! And hopefully they come out just as good as pumpkin does it! 83



Haziel by huffnut  Icy nova... er, what is it? by huffnut      The escape by huffnut

Alright so when I explored through this gallery, there's not much I can say about it sadly but I can least say a few things about it. It is a good start so far and I'm glad you have been doing art things because you never know how good you are until you try for awhile. And I notice in some pieces you used Deviantart Muro and I'm always curious how those go but you seem to have a good grasp on what to do so that's always a good thing! As for your other pieces, I notice a whole bunch of WIPS which that's fine to post because at least you posted the end result! ^^ But I hope you can keep on going and continue to improve! ^^



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